With the purchase of the land by the Catholic ladies of Santa Clara, the definitive location of this church began, and after the construction process, it was founded as a parish church on 24 February 1952. Among its most outstanding elements are the stained glass windows donated by Spain, which are currently virgins, without modification or restoration since they were installed.

In 1976, with the new political and administrative division of the country, it became the cathedral church "Santa Clara de Asís", which is also the patron saint of the city. At the entrance of the temple, the figure of the Immaculate Conception, Virgin Mary sculpted in white marble, stands out, which became an interesting fact, with its disappearance from the entrance of the city in 1961, its accidental discovery in 1983 and its definitive placement in the main entrance since 1997.

You can discover all this process and its various architectural and religious elements with a visit to this interesting site.